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The Darknet Search Engine ‘Grams’ is Shutting Down

In 2014, a developer launched Grams, a darknet market search engine. Grams quickly caught on and picked up attention from mainstream tech sites. The site became a useful resource for markets, buyers, journalists, and researchers. In mid-December, 2017, the Grams developer will end Grams and all associated services. The site will be missed. The developer, known only as “gramsadmin,” posted ... Read More »


UK Government on Search For Cyber Experts to Crackdown on Dark Web Criminals

The UK National Crime Agency (NCA) is actively recruiting cyber experts and dark web analysts to focus on the crackdown of illicit drug rings and operations being pursued by dark web marketplaces. Specifically, NCA is on a lookout for G5 Armed Surveillance Investigator in the Armed Operations Unit, which according to local sources will cooperate with the Intelligence and Operations ... Read More »

MasterCard Starts DNM Credit Card Search in Brazil

Patricio Hernández, CIO of MasterCard, announced that the company began the deployment of a new early detection system in Latin America. The system itself is not new; the United States and Europe already benefit from the protection it provides. It is new to Latin America though. Hernández explained that the system scanned the deep and dark web for credit card ... Read More »

What is Augur? (A Search Engine for the Future)

Augur is a decentralized prediction market platform built on the Ethereum network. Although this may not sound very exciting at first, it actually is. The platform brings together old and new concepts and technologies to create a useful tool for some and a revenue stream for others. The concept of a prediction market isn’t new. The idea is to speculate ... Read More »

In addition to 32 cannabis plants, the policemen found much more in their search.

During House Search German Police Found Drugs Ordered From The Dark Web

A 22-year-old man and his 27-year-old wife were arrested in Melle, Germany for possessing of narcotics. The investigation started with an internet search, which led police to the 22-year-old’s home. Authorities suspected that the accused bought narcotics from a dark web vendor shop. On January 10, law enforcement authorities visited the man’s apartment. His wife opened the door and allowed ... Read More »

DARPA’s Deepweb Search Engine Just Got a Lot Smarter

In 2014, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency—or DARPA—announced a groundbreaking program for internet searches. DARPA developed the Memex Program to search the internet, including hidden services, and “any public domain content.” The program started, though, as a tool for discovering human trafficking. Now, according to VentureBeat, DARPA just boosted their glorified search engine. On December 1, 2016, IST Research—a ... Read More »

Judge: FBI PlayPen Hack Is “Unquestionably” A Search Under Fourth Ammendment

Fallout from the FBI’s PlayPen case continues as a Texas federal judge rules hacking does constitute a Fourth Ammendment “search.” The judge writes that “This was unquestionably a ‘search’ for Fourth Amendment purposes.” The FBI used malware called a Network Investigative Technique, or NIT, to infect a suspect’s machine. After gaining control of PlayPen in 2015, the FBI deployed the ... Read More »

5 Hacker-Friendly Search Engines You Must Use

CNN called Shodan the “scariest search engine on the Internet” in its April 8, 2013 story. Even its name sounds a little intimidating. While that was three years ago, Shodan has expanded quite a bit since then. For those of you who are still unfamiliar with it, Shodan searches for internet-connected devices across the world. As I’m sure you can ... Read More »

Stanford Professor Awarded Grant For Darknet Analyzer Search Engine

Stanford assistant professor of computer science and University of Washington (UW) alumnus, Christopher Ré, is one of the 24 persons who won the ”genius” grant this year that has been awarded by the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation. The MacArthur Foundation don’t just gives out grants to everyone, Cristopher Ré has done something big to receive this price ... Read More »

DARPA’s Creating Search Engine to Crawl the Deep Web

As it was mentioned in cbsnews (video available here) Memex, a powerful new search tool that goes beyond the realm of Google, Yahoo, and Bing, is launched by DARPA: This powerful new search engine developed by DARPA, the U.S. military’s Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency and was announced last year. The inventor of Memex, Chris White: “The internet is much, ... Read More »

A Sneak Peek To Grams Search Engine “Stage 2: Infodesk”

Here is a sneak peak to the development process of “InfoDesk” – 1 out of the 4 new features grams search engine will be adding in about 2 weeks in a huge update that will be called “Stage 2”.  The infoDesk will include a vendor directory and many types of information about them from the various marketplaces, info that will ... Read More »

Grams: DarkNetMarkets Search Engine

Edit 3.5.14:  An interview with the Grams Search Engine Admin This privacy-minded search engine is a development the dark net community was anticipating for a long time. Grams is a service that offers a way to search for products across different dark net marketplaces. They are currently indexing products from markets, more will be added soon. The service is currently ... Read More »