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DOJ Introduces Dark Web Team to Fight Illegal Drug Trade

With the rate of dark web usage increasing every now and then, there is serious concern about a strong and concrete plan or solution to put a stop to it. Well, many have tried to do that over the years, with various firms teaming up to fight this dark web battle but to no avail. The numbers still keep racking ... Read More »

Canada Introduces Bill Allowing Customs to Open All Packages

In 2016, law enforcement in Canada—the Canada Border Services Agency and RCMP—seized a kilogram package of carfentanil. The word spread quickly, especially after RCMP hosted a press release about carfentanil and other opioids entering Canada through the mail system. Like many US government officials, police blamed exploits in the mailing infrastructure. As a result, the Canadian government introduced a bill ... Read More »


Senator Introduces Bill to Delay FBI Changes to Rule 41

The FBI’s successful mass-hacking during “Operation Playpen” raised concerns over Rule 41. The Department of Justice proposed changes that would allow the FBI to hack thousands of computers—with one warrant. In reality, the FBI hacked 8,000 computers across the globe in Operation Playpen. The FBI routinely oversteps their boundaries but the upcoming changes would allow them to legally do so. ... Read More »

Chronicled Introduces Ethrereum Blockchain-Based IoT Delivery Drone

Chronicled has introduced an Ethereum blockchain-based Internet of Things technology that allows delivery drones to interact with bluetooth devices for in-home delivery. The startup previously raised US$3.4 million earlier this year to bring prevent the illicit distribution of counterfeit sneakers through the usage of blockchain. Over time, the firm pivoted to IoT after recognizing massive potential in the industry and ... Read More »

UK Introduces a Money Laundering Bill Allowing Them to Seize Finances

On October 13, UK government introduced the Criminal Finances BIll. The bill was introduced in an effort to counter money laundering and corruption. London has been known to be a haven for dirty money. Government officials claimed the new powers granted by the legislation will change criminal activity in the UK. Security Minister Ben Wallace said: “The UK is one ... Read More »

HTML5 Introduces New Security Threats!

HTML5, the fifth standard of HTML released in 2014, is slowly becoming more prevalent across the internet as browsers adopt the new protocol and webpages are updated to make use of the new features. HTML is the technology at the basis of the internet, and acts as the structured content on webpages – text & images (and now with HTML5 ... Read More »

McConnell introduces a bill to expand NSA until 2020

Senator Mitch McConnell introduced a bill on Tuesday that would expand the NSA authority until 2020. Yesterday the bill was read a second time and put on the Senate Legislative Calendar under General Orders. The bill seeks to expand the most critical part of the Patriot Act; Section 215. Glenn Greenwald, a columnist for The Intercepter who became a household ... Read More »