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How to access onion sites?

In order to use most of the sites on the Hidden Marketplace list, you must be able to access and browse .onion.market sites on the TOR network. Accessing these sites is a very simple process; for those of you that are still not familiar with the TOR browser and network, we have created a simple tutorial to help you access any onion site on the deep web.

>>>Attention: Use VPN with Tor! Click here to see the best VPN’s<<<

A Short Explanation of .onion.market Sites:

.onion.market is a pseudo-top-level domain host suffix (similar in concept to such endings as .bitnet and .uucp used in earlier times) designating an anonymous hidden service reachable via the TOR network. Such addresses are not actual DNS names, and the .onion.market TLD is not in the Internet DNS root, but with the appropriate proxy software installed (in most cases, The TOR browser bundle), Internet programs such as Web browsers can access sites with .onion.market addresses by sending the request through the TOR network. The purpose of using such a system is to make both the information provider and the person accessing the information more difficult to trace, whether by one another, by an intermediate network host, or by an outsider.

To access these sites just follow these simple steps:

1. Navigate to the TOR Project website at this address: https://www.torproject.org/download/download.html.en and download the latest browser bundle for your operating system, never download any browser bundle from any other site! make sure that this is the site you are using:

tor browser bundle download2. After downloading the browser bundle, just install it like any other software.

install tor browser bundle

3. Next, Start the TOR browser and it will connect to the TOR network ( it might ask you for a confirmation, just click ok):


4. After the browser is started, and you see the confirmation screen that the browser is connected and everything is ok, make sure that you are running the latest version of the TOR browser:


5. That’s it! you are all set to go, the only thing you need to do is the enter any .onion.market url into the address bar of the browser and you will be able to browse freely on the deep web:

access onion sites

Make sure you have Javascript disabled in the browser. Always be safe and use other measures to stay anonymous online such as PGP or anonymous VPNs. Enjoy your deep web experience!


  1. Dear Friends,

    Please provide me with some ‘onion’ websites. I have downloaded Tor. Also I am a Cancer patient and would love to get some medicine if possible, although I am based in Australia.

    Thanks for your assistance.

    • amphibious

      Look up the new silk road link to get some medicine

    • XdecipherX




    • Leo Perera

      Joe please check Vitamin B17 for Cancer .


      • having a healthy enviroment to make ;cancer ; AKA a negative energy that manifests as a disease due to either enviromental factors , poor quality health etc.. marijuana can make health better but on the mental side of things i dunnio.. im still recovering from my heavy marijuana faze.. Lol.

    • Hello, advise you MMS. Search by Google phrases MMS medicine.

    • Hi my name is Sergio and I also am interested in any information regarding .onion.market sites. I am new to the deep web and I am trying to find out any thing regarding alternative cancer treatments that some people have told me the government hides. Please if you have any information you would like to share please send it to me. Thanks a lot. Have a pleasant day and GOOD LUCK.
      Sergio Nardi

      • whoops,

        send it to sergioarielnardi at gmail.com


        • Sergio, If you live in USA your health care should cover the treatment needed. If not then you may want to look into doctors that remove cancer. Not just the tumors that cancer causes. Ever wonder why there has never been a single person to ever get heart cancer? Well those doctors know what they are doing and know how to remove cancer from your body. Non-invasive and organic treatments. I wish I had a direct link for you but I thought I could at least steer you in the right direction.
          Good luck to you!

          • You’re an absolute muppet mate! Yeah the whole scientific community around the world is hiding all these cancer cures to line there pockets. It’s ignorant people like yourself that refuse to believe in crazy concepts like ‘evidence’ and ‘reason’ that convince parents that their children’s bone cancer will be cured by a combination of turmeric and leaches. Sorry, I forgot to ask what med school you went to?

            • sahil

              You are just another blind follower of false theories, one of the most richest person Steve Jobs died of cancer.
              If he couldnt get the leak of ‘secret remedy’then who else would ?

          • Raymond

            Quality Marijuana and hash oils just for cancer patients.

          • Cannabis Oil is the answer

          • required

            Eric Carr died of heart cancer

          • People DO get heart cancer

      • vitamin b 17 is the best natural source, search for best vitamin b17 oods, also look for gerson therapy online (the beautiful truth, the gerson miracle, a world without cancer book/ebook and doc on youtube. Hope this helps and spread the news.

      • Yo, this is gonna end up as some deadpool shit.

      • Nice Try, I know ho you are dont eve think to get help here must fin it self ☺

      • Jordan Carter

        I have the cure. PLANT BASED DIET. Seriously. Our food creates cancer and diabetes. “How the health” on Netflix. This by itself reveals much about our government.

    • If you are after real treatment then look n further than your own body.
      Cancer is not a disease in the same way that obecity is not a disease.
      Obecity is over indulgence, eating the wrong foods or what passes as foods in western culture.
      Sugar eaters is what westerners are known as!
      The same toxic lifestyle that westerners have embraced is what causes obecity and also causes cancer.
      They are conditions that reflect our consumption – that is all! but thoroughly misrepresented by established so called authority such as the medical profession and pharma giants who rely on this misrepresentation.

      Most of the people who read this wont even equate to being human and most likely make some smart disparaging comment because they have a hanlde on life or some other such crapola comment as they always do.

      If you want to beat any cancer – perform short fasts – water only for a few days nad tehn repeat every fortnight of so.
      Avoid man made chemicals.
      Drink non chlorinated water & non fluoridated water.
      When you do eat eat a predominantly fruit and veg diet. They are cleansers!
      Avoid GMO – not because they have any idea how of to adjust genetic information but because they use god awful chemicals in conjunction with GMO’s – they alter your internal bacterial composition. There are more bacterial cells in a human body than there are human body cells – modern foods are changing what has evolved over thousands of years!

      Contrary to what the media pundits and authorities of all kinds like to promote – cancer really is a modern man made condition and was rare in the past.

      • ballsack

        You are an idiot

        • George Washington

          No, they’re not. Cancer is like any dis-ease, it’s the result of an imbalance in an energy system. That imbalance result in disharmony and that’s what dis-ease is, a system that is no longer in natural harmony.

          Just look at the frigging world today and you’ll see how much dis-ease there is at every level. Mankind has successfully fucked-up every energy system on this planet.

          • Actually the increase in cancer rates is due to plastics. Much of what we consume and wash with is riddled with hormone altering PBA’s, which causes cancer cells to flourish. Increasing the doubling time by a whopping 80%.

            • RipRap

              Presentation of 3pieces of credible EVIDENCE would be great if you could, but I am sure that you won’t be able to present even one piece of credible EVIDENCE. PEACE & HAPPINESS is the answer.

          • You fucking idiot, cancer is caused by a mutation or error in DNA copying xD

            • Michael

              lolXD is 100% spot on! I am a nursing major myself and this is the simplest and most basic description but a perfect short and sweet way to explain cancer, however these mutations in DNA can happen do to contact with toxins (teretagins to be specific) and yes some older banned ways platics were previously made could contain some. you can also get from cell phone wave radiation and pretty much anything we do each day! Cancer is quite frankle unavoidable sadly!so a few of you were actually all spot on! and fyi yes canibis can slow cancer some the natural chemicals in the plant can slow and even get cells that won’t stop replicating (how tumors form) to stop in some cases. but does not do anything for toxic cancer forms other than pain relief and comfort which is a huge helo if you suffering!

              • Will Thinkfreely

                A nursing major? With that sort of spelling and Grammar?? Not to mention A (seemingly) brainwashing curriculum that has taught you to think you can negatively tell people that cancer is unavoidable… It’s no wonder there’s no cure still! (Well I believe there is a cure already) but An Alkaline, low acidic body will prevent cancer growth but, that’s almost impossible for the Western world because we’ve been told lies all our lives about what food to eat and whats actually in it. As an Aussie growing up it’s all about BBQ’s, Sunday Roasts, Steak and Salad’s followed up by a bacon and egg sanga the next morning. Bloody good eating!! Yet now studies prove that all these meats and so-called “good eating” are either direct links to cancer and/or Heart disease which is now our biggest killer! Unfortunately, while our parents the “Babyboomers” were being indulged with Cheap housing, good wages, LSD, Meth and free love… they were all to F%@*ed up to see the brainwashing lies that were taking place behind all the orgies and uppers! 30-50 years or so down the track it seems almost too late for our generation frantically donating our money to cancer research as our Parents, Aunts and Uncles are either dying of it or already dead! As for THC Cannabinoids extracted from weed, well of course not in all cases but, its also been proven to directly destroy cancer cells whilst maintaining strong white cells whilst the prescribed Chemotherapy does the complete opposite. Inevitably costing through the Arse to keep big pharma and the government’s pockets lined! Hence why weed is illegal…
                FREE Think about things more critically and look a little deeper sheeple! Cancer is straight up population control and part of a bigger greedier plan.

                Isn’t it funny how We live in a world where you’re “apparently” normal if you are a follower, obey and question nothing? Yet you get judged as a weirdo or a conspiracist immediately for wanting to do our own research and be a free thinker…

                “Nothing is ever quite what it seems”

            • John Plumridge

              No, that’s one effect of a cause leading to cancer.

          • Thats so fucking true

        • Leonard Alexander Wright

          My friend he is 97% right. There are, as with any rule such as his, exceptions of course. But the people in eaten cultures expecially the himalayas and mountain areas of western China and Mongolia who survive on berries and fruitss that are high in antioxidants that the west is just recently becoming aware of and have dubbed super foods, and that otherwise subsist on rice and other easy digest non binding grains and law carb starches, these people simply DO NOT DIE from heat disease and cancer or obesity related illnesses. In fact they live into the early 90s regularly.

          Western food is not only habit forming because it tastes so good and people love it and this psychologically addictive, but is as physically addictive as heroin. The detox period is almost exactly as intense. Don’t beleive me? Easy a diety of all fatty foods 3 meals a day for 2 weeks or a month. Then try either a juice (nutrient extraction/ emulsifier made) diet for a week. Our even a high liquid raw vegetable diet for one week. You will sweat, have gi distress, tremors, weakness, irritability, and likely be bedridden for the this and fourth day. If you are like a lot of us anericans you prabably could just switch to the juice diety right now and experience the withdrawals.

          To the point an addict indulges there addiction to the point to which it cause harm. That harm is high cholesterol, Hai disease, obesity, and cancer. There are lots of carcinogens in processed foods, but of course this is bit the only way you get cancer, but what the man was saying is that what we do everyday is expose ourselves to causes and expect to be invulnerable and diet leaves us more than simply more susceptible to these causes it actionably assists the carcinogens in to their natural end results.

          No not an idiot my friends.

          • Then why do those people in the bum fuck mountains usually have average life expediencies that are close to half of what us stupid American slobs live. I watch a lot of documentaries and such so I see these people you mention; most of them are missing most their teeth so they can’t eat meat, they usually live in extreme poverty… but us Americans… we’re so bad because we have plenty. Yes we waste, yes we could eat healthier… but if it wasn’t for us the world would be in a shitty state right now. I don’t agree with us policing the world, but no one else does it. A lot of people with nothing resembling facts, just a bunch of anecdotal evidence that amounts to some jerk-offs opinion.

            • HamSamwich

              A couple things. One…what the bad man did to you was wrong, let it go.Second…I’ll assume ‘we’ is either your sisterwife or the gerbil you boofed. What the fuck does eating meat have to do with it? Are vegetarians dropping like fly’s? I’ve seen people without teeth eat things that’s painful just to watch. I’ve also seen people who can easily afford a dentist but have too much of a fear to go…and it’s a very common fear.”it wasn’t for us the world would be in a shitty state right now”?? Compared to the shitty state it’s in right now? And you don’t agree with us policing the world, but it’s ok with you if someone else does it? “A lot of people with nothing resembling facts, just a bunch of anecdotal evidence that amounts to some jerk-offs opinion”…well, that I agree with. The rest was ignorant gibberish. I think the “documentaries and such” is either youtube or porn, or would would have named it.

              • You’re so clever and witty, in a condescending way… that must mean you’re smart!

              • All you idiots who say cancer is not a disease, Fuck there is something extremely wrong with yous. Its clearly a disease & arguably the worst Yeah! So if there is any justice in the world(which it doesn’t seem like there is) Yous would get cancer & die slowly, then maybe you might eventually mature & realise it is.
                Saying wat yous said is a absolute disgrace & its a fuckn insult to anyone who has had cancer & their families. So you should apologize for wat you said & donate a lot of money to cancer research. I couldn’t believe what some of you have said one of you said ” cancer & obesity are in the same category” are you fuckn kidding me. That is absolutely laughable .. You must be a fat fuck.
                If it isn’t a disease & a build up of your diet n shit over years then why do kids & babies get it? Answer that ya fucktarts

              • wahahahahahahahahaha

            • Fuck yer!

            • the air quality higher up altitude has some effect on the longer life spans actually!

          • In answer to all of you that say cancer is only in the western world I think you should check all your comments because here is what I found in just 10 seconds (In 2002, 4.2 million new cancer cases—39% of new cases worldwide—were diagnosed among 3.2 billion persons (48% of the world population) living in the fifteen most highly developed countries in South,East,and Southeast Asia:Japan,Taiwan,Singapore,SouthKorea,Malaysia, Thailand, China, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Indonesia, Mongolia, India, Laos, and Cambodia. China and India, together accounting for 37% of the worldwide population, reported 3 million of these newly diagnosed cancer cases.) so no cancer in the eastern world then lol P.S, I do have cancer and I had what most consider a good diet

        • not him …you are

        • billygoatjim

          I agree with the idiot comment I believe it is indeed an American disease. But that said here is what cancer is- it is a cell somewhere anywhere in the body that for lack of a better way to say it, just plum forgot to stop the mitosis process that all cells perform. There’s nothing wrong with the cell initially and it’s not it’s fault it just forgot to stop.

        • RipRap

          By your own definition, you are a BALLSACK.

      • JACK FROST

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        • Sir, it is clear you are certainly under aged, and have no business in this site. Please leave , we would not like any children to ruin this site.

        • MARK KNIGHT

          Gee,what the fuck was that all about?Who pissed U off like that?Cool it just a little bit,will ya?OK,mate?Go wash yor mouth ’cause it’s 2 dirty!What kinda answer was that anyway?Seems 2 me U need some weed yorself so CHILL!

        • Jack Meoff requests your company at the annual Circle Jerk 2017. Please bring your own lubrication.

      • fgtmunchmunch

        u actaully r retarded. please stop breathing. xoxo

      • Non idiot

        You’re so wrong! Cancer can be 100% genetic and not eating for several days at a time will only weaken your body you dumb fuck!

      • You’re a fucking idiot

        • RipRap

          Are you thinking of going for the analingus tongue twisting turtle twat champion again this year? You should, as you are obviously very talented in the deep thrust twirling category.

      • Lorenzo Baxter

        All scientists leave now ignore this comment you’ll call me crazy, I’m young (that’s all I’ll say) but I’m very intelligent I want to shake down the corruption in the government and show the world a new view: actually being free. Although I need help by finding followers who share my beliefs and my values I don’t want anything bad on the deep Web but there is good too. I just need to find it. I also will need a helping hand in navigating the Web itself (I’m not so good with computers, I’m more on the natural philosophy side of this) please reach out to me if you want to make a difference. “Every journey begins with a single step….this is step one.”
        Samantha Maxis

      • Yeah people didn’t die as much of cancer because they’d died far earlier from things like saber tooth tigers and starvation. As someone who’s adopted fasting for years for health purposes, the 4 times my mum’s had cancer I sure as shit didn’t recommend ditching the radiotherapy for not eating. Ever seen a cancer patient either away because they simply cannot consume enough calories? As for your juice cleanse. What a load of shit. Your body has a very good mechanism for cleansing. It’s called your fucking liver. I also ask what should we be cleansing? I’m sure you’d say toxins. Then I’d ask what toxins and you’d have no clue. Go read another book that tells you exactly what you want to hear and stop dispensing rubbish advice.

      • Annoyed

        Retardation isn’t a disease either, but you have that special extra chromosome.

      • YourNeighbor

        L.A.W Thank you for taking the time to speak some truth.

        Please search for molasses & baking soda candy to eradicate cancer. A doc. created a special blend of molasses and baking soda creating hard candy people could suck on. Cancer being attracted to the sugar the baking soda would attack the cancer. Amazing stuff.

        Best of luck,

      • Shooter

        What a load of bullcrap

      • seeker

        You are 100% right, but first you have to get an opinion of yours

      • John Doe

        Excuse me, does this missing chromosome belong to anyone? We westerners are not a bunch of dumb, diabetes ridden scumbags. I for one eat all natural food. Also I would like to point out that you spelled obesity wrong every time you typed it. If you want your argument to be credible, at least check the spelling.

    • mark

      hello i wish to inform you that i have rhino horn for sale.it will be of help for cancer patients.email me at markhegal77@gmail.com for more information .i can ship to any part of the country .

    • Parker

      cure for cancer:
      2 leaves aloe vera at least two year old plant
      half a glass of cognac
      1 kilo of pure honey
      wash leaves, cut off spines, cut in pieces, put in blender add honey , add cognac, (may be whiskey) and blend toghether put in a dark bottle (sunlight kills properties), keep refrigerated.
      Use….one spoonful 15 minutes before every meal.
      You may do this in adition to any treatment you are now getting

      • JACK FROST

        U got to be kidding !

        U ought to arrested !!!!!!!

        u iDIOT

        • I have read about that natural remedy a long time ago. This recipe was given by a Brazilian Priest. And to be honest I have tasted it. I have no cancer but I was diagnosed with 2 Quistes in my breast and after taking this natural remedy it significantly were reduced. So, Parker was not lying about it.

      • Lucy Furr

        I hope you get cancer so you can die a slow agonizing death while you do this stupid shit… you’d probably cry and beg for western technology then ‘my friend’. I’m not a mean person, I don’t wish death on anyone… but I would like for you see how dangerous your ignorance is first hand. Unless you have a sizable group of people you can show have been saved by your ‘technique’, then kindly STFU and avoid spreading these moronic snake-oil ‘remedies’

    • you can use my new anti cancer for 4 easy payments of 20$ my friend

    • luiz

      Hi are you still lokos for this or knows about someone that want it

    • Seasea

      Ensuring you have ample magnesium, glucosamine and iodine in your body, you can proceed to consume spirulina, barley grass juice powder, chlorella, ginger, Apple cider vinegar with mother, and zeolite to help draw out toxins and also balance pH therefor purifying blood.

      Cut out processed and refined sugars, switch to pink salt, and only fruit sugars.

      Purchase a fluoride removing water jug.

      Drink fresh squeezed lemon juice.
      Eat lots of nuts.
      Oats/seeds/beans/legumes/vegetables including sea veggies ie seaweed.

      Limit oils. Avoid all animal proteins including eggs/fish/dairy/honey. Replacing with maple syrup/agave or dates.

      Herbs and spices and everything fresh, organic and plant based will help kick CANCER from your body by turning you alkaline! :)

      Cancer can’t survive in an alkaline environment.

      All medications, drugs, and pollutents are preventing natural immune function.

      Prepare-Cleanse-Rejuvnaite-Heal ❤️

    • f _ society 88

      Go to the grams browser it’s like Google but is where you can buy any kinda medicine you need and sorry to hear you have cancer im a paraplegic that can’t afford insurance to go to a doctor so I gotta go to the dark web

    • Joe you sick pervert,

    • Jables

      family member was just cured using liquid chi. I believe there site is liquid-chi.com

    • Hey Joe

      I hope you beat that sonofabitch already but if you still battling, then check out MMS, you can google and order. Seems like there’s been quite a bit of success with it.

    • someone somewhere

      man please check ricksimpson oil on google, its an effective cannabis oil for curing cancer

    • redshift515

      i have the same problem keep occuring. i can access darknet sites fine, then the next day i cant even load a page using tor. im sure this is just me, as i dont see anyone else on about it. what settings could i need to change to access darknet on tor browser? i have java disabled. its a dam pain.

    • luke bernal

      honestly dude, to be honest, like

    • Hdbhdhd

      The turmeric is v good medicine for cancer. Take half spoon in powder form with warm water in early morning emty stomach and dont eat anything at least one hour after that.

    • Johnson

      Bless you.Base China.

    • sergi

      Dear Joe! I guess you may try to use RSO.
      Here that’s is under license.
      I saw few messages about RSO, also had have consume RSO.
      Now I consume 40 gramms flowers per month.
      Hope your family doctor will set up this therapy. With kind regards!

  2. what is the best onion porn website?

    • isgandarli

      why do you want to watch porn using tor network?
      There are plenty of free porn videos in the “open” internet.
      Don’t forget that TOR created for surfing LEGAL part of the internet anonymously. For example, in our country we have no freedom of speech. So By using TOR we can enter blocked websites and share our opinions about goverment’s policy on social networks anonymously.
      Never ever enter links that you don’t know what its content is and stay away from onion websites!

    • Lucifer Morningstar

      You don’t need tor to get porn; 98% of the internet IS porn. (I wonder what they waste the other 2% on? ;)

      • Your Comment Saying 99% of The Internet Is Porn Is Gross Mis-information. Your Comment Shows That You Are Ignorant of The Facts And You LIE! That Was A COMMON MISCONCEPTION Dating Back Over THIRTY YEARS! You Are OBVIOUSLY A NEWBIE! Porn (Content of porn on The Internet THEN – 30 YEARS AGO, Based on studies showed that Porn Represented Only .05% Of What’s Available Online In The Way of Porn. THE LATEST – *CURRENT* FACTUAL STUDIES Determine That Porn Represents ONLY About 1 – 2% of what’s available online. People Like You That Make Up Lies; LIES That Are Told To Newbies And Those With NO Responsible Online Presence Make It Appear That Honest, Upright Internet/Web Users Are Shady & Possibly Emotionally and Mentally Unstable. You, Certainly Appear To ONLINE TRUTHS. be One of Them. You Spread Lies With *NO* FACTUAL* PROOF! Your Type Are OFTEN Known As Lemmings… The Have No Factual Truths… Are And Simply FOLLOWERS of Uneducated and Ignorant Internet/Web Entities/People. RESEARCH, RESEARCH, Then RESEARCH What you Print/Say BEFORE YOU SPREAD Gossip And Informational LIES! Find someone who KNOWS About our Internet/Web Who CAN EDUCATE YOU ON ONLINE TRUTHS! Your Ignorance Is ASTOUNDING. It’s People Like You That Show How IGNORANT THEY ARE – Having Done NO Research BEFORE They Post GOSSIP, Rumor, & Untruths THAT PERPETUATE Ignorance! They Are – LACKING KNOWLEDGEABLE TRUTHS. ONLY *NEWBIES* – UNEDUCATED, IGNORANT CHICKEN LITTLE’S “The Sky Is Falling…” -Would Post Such Ignorance. Tell THE TRUTH! *KNOW* Your FACTS *BEFORE* (In The Words of Tom Petty) (You Start) “Tellin’ You Lies, Gossiping And UNTRUTHS.”

      • is this a onion site what is onion site kindly inform me…plz

    • onion porn? ;D

    • you are poes mad dude

    • John cena

      I wish the dark web was on ps4

  3. you can also just use a tor2web-proxy like onion.to or onion.cab instead of installing the tor-client

  4. Hello,

    I have a mac book pro with OS X (which is 64 bit) and I am having troubles getting Tor to work in this machine. The only Tor version I can find is 34 (assume this is the reason for my issue but I am seeking second opinion since I am not computer wiz) bit, I can download it just fine but when I try to run it I get a message that says that Firefox is already open and that it can only be opened once . Problem is that I have no firefox window open (don’t even have the software, I guess it is supposed to come with the bundle but no firefox window is to be found. As a matter of fact I search my system for firefox and I get zero returns). I have enabled third party applications to be run by my system so I am really having a hard time understanding what to do to get it to work.

    Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks.

  5. is there a directory where i can find interesting or useful links through TOR?

  6. I tried downloaded and the installation was successful but I can’t connect to the TOR network. . . can anyone help?

  7. Careful on browsing the deep web tho, you may get malwares. And the deeper part of it, the dark net. People can buy dr*gs, g*ns, g*rls, etc. And there is this story about a video called “Daisy’s Destruction” where a 5 or so years old girl gets raped and killed. There is this story about live cams where the victim is abused/tortured/killed in front of the camera for the pedos/sadists sake.
    Here’s a reddit story about the deep web —> reddit.com/r/nosleep/comments/1wwioc/a_warning_to_those_thinking_about_accessing_the/

  8. gcirdquvlyh4terx.onion.market legit or swam?

  9. Using the Tor browser bundle is how all of the Freedom Hosting pedos got caught. The Tor guys try their best, but running Firefox on your actual computer is just not safe.

    If your computer is Windows, download TAILS Linux, boot it from USB, and work out how to do everything without ever using your actual computer.

    If you have a Mac, download VirtualBox, download TAILS Linux, and run TAILS in a virtual machine. A bit more work, but this is how it’s done on Mac.

    If you are at all technical, the next step is Whonix, which is two Linux machines for VirtualBox. One is firewall, one is the machine you use to browse.

    If you get Cryptostorm VPN it has a built in proxy so you can see both Tor onions and I2P eepsites. This is kinda cool, but it’s NOT SAFE for business. Your IP address is well hidden, but if you have a vulnerable browser you are sunk. This is OK if you just want to cruise around and see what’s going on, they even have a free low speed service, which is plenty fast enough for checking out stuff on Grams.

  10. My internet is blocked by a company on unsanctioned grounds (I am currently taking legal action). I would however like to maintain pertinent use of LEGAL porn sites such as pornhub.com and also connect to game server sites that use java app plugins.

    Java is up to date etc. I do not care about my anonymity as I use pseudonyms over such networks.

    Any help is appreciated.

  11. If you are new to the darknet, please go to this website: wikitor74em2u6rq.onion.market/Talk:Shopping#Scams and have a good read before you make any decisions you may regret later.

  12. I need a website to get a new identity. Any ideas where to look?

  13. I keep getting problem loading page message

  14. Hey, I have just recently got tor for mac. ive been trying to search up onion sites and other http sites but it keeps taking me to the no connection pages. I have full internet and all safty precaution have been met. any help?

    • I am having the same problems. I can’t connect to any .onion.market sites. It just says page cannot be loaded. Or it just opens an empty tab.
      What the hell am I doing wrong?
      Maybe I will read into these tutorials but a clear answer from someone would be great. Thanks!

  15. hi,
    i am looking for a service to hack a wordpress website ,
    can anyone refer me to a hacker


  16. Anyone know of any hacking services to change school grades?

  17. Chronic Masturbator

    Hi all, completely new to TOR, personally have found it fairly complicated so far. I’ve figured out these deep web sites end in “.onion.market”. Anyone know some good onion sites for Aussies to buy stuff? Like oxy’s 80mg? I found the “hidden wiki” but all the sites are either listed on here as fake or overseas and (i know i could be wrong) but i just can’t see illegal stuff slipping through customs.

  18. Hey everyone, just wanted to ask for help because I downloaded the Tor Browser for the iPad but it isn’t working. What should I do?

  19. So I’ve been using Tor for a bit and I want to actually see the stuff of legend, the snuffs the child porn, throw me a freakin rope because so far I don’t see a god damn difference except you “might” be able to buy “drugs”. As far as I can see the so called “deep web” is nothing but money scams and bull shit. If it’s any where nearly as bad as said why the fuck can I find nothing after exhaustive hours of reading except for this bullshit?

  20. Seekers Adventurer

    Hi every one, I’m quite new to Tor and would love a little help on how to get deep websites or forums on softwares and spywares.

    Thanks y’all

  21. i dont belive deep is real

  22. I just want to know where to find old and new pinkMeth active links …

  23. Avery time I tried to connect to an onion website the Tor-browser says it’s unable to connect to the internet. I do not use a proxy, the firewall’s off , I can access any other sites but onion ones. Does anybody knows what’s wrong, please ?

  24. I’m looking for a place to buy some musical instruments. Second hand or stolen in spain.

    Someone a bit help please??

  25. Not all .onion.market links are working. Check more different links in the HiddenWiki.

  26. Pls. I need Help…. I’m new here. I already installed TOR and all is well but when I go to any onion site, it says “Unable to connect” . Thanks in advance for those who can help me..

  27. What can be found on the deep web ?

  28. Is anyone here aware that the deep Web and the dark Web are two different things. The deep Web is the lesser accessed part of the normal Internet and can be found through Google whereas the dark Web is the actual illegal part of the internet.


    • MightyRat

      I bet if you go to some of these 3rd world countries, they do that. Get your ass on a plane and go to Afghanistan or Afrika. I am sure that stuff goes on there.

  30. Like a lot of users you guys who need help are lazy, there is a plethora of guidance here a ddw. READ for god same, then after you put in the work ask questions. People don’t have time to hold your hand when your just looking for an easy fix. Please put out, eh? As far as the wanting to see some cp, I’m sure you already have since your asking that question you sick fuck! Pedos must be iliminated

  31. Can i get in contact With a High level of Black magic in One of Those sites?

  32. most sites are scam..

  33. Hi

    Tors a WOT. Been there done that surfed and all I get most times is page not found. Or scam paged.

    PS the old days of emule and other p2p ten years back u cud get snuffs ra#pes etc. But don’t watch this sick stuff. Messes up your head.

  34. What do you do if you’re on Droid? I uninstalled Orbot because I don’t know what to do with it, and I don’t want it wasting data or anything.

  35. hi can you point me the right way for some web sights for some cool stuff

  36. I just cleared out my laptop and put only what I want and neeed on here and now I download tor same place as before and it wont complete the connection no matter what I disable or block or enable it just sits halfway for hours nothing happens… I don’t know what else to do ive downloaded the newest one the older one read forums on Tor and Windows 10, its sucks I cant do shit. been trying for 2 days now up til 6am, but my phone orbot an orfox work great. same wifi, I even said screw wifi and tor for the lap top I have a hardline Ethernet connection which its workd on before… ANY SUGGESTIONS AT ALL LIKE PRE LOADED BROWSER SETTINGS THAT TOR WILL WORK ON? I have Kaspersky full antivirus security 2016 but I allow it thru there idk whats going on …. UUHHGGH

  37. Please help nothing is wirking. I’ve seen this question ober and over, yet NO ONE ANSWERS IT! I am using the tor browser but here is what I get…

    Firefox can’t establish a connection to the server at xxxx

    Can someone PLEASE answer this question?!

  38. Sorry for spelling error typing quickly

  39. AllThatIAmAllIWillEv3rBe

    Hi Tess- I’m new at all this too and have just been reading and teaching myself as I go along; I was close to computer illiterate before this! I don’t know how familiar you are with TOR, but you need to have either 2 USB sticks (flash drives) with I think at least 4G memory (?), follow download instructions online and download Tails before you can start using onion sites. I will dig up link and post in a moment. Once you have Tails installed, you should be all set to use Tor browser/onion sites. It’s a bit of a pain, and there are always sites that don’t work, but you should be able to visit this site to see what links are currently working.

  40. It says failed to load page all the time… Can u guys tell me wat to do I would be very thankfoul

  41. Hey guys, new to this. I was trying to get to the login page on the silk road webpage as listed above in that picture, but I can’t. I am typing in the url exactly the same and my page still says i can’t connect. Is there a different way I should access the silk road? Thanks

  42. hey gus, new to this.i am trying to login onion sites but there is something wrong . so ………help

  43. It’s amazing at how many retarded there are in this world.

  44. Congratulations. This browser is configured to use Tor.

    Cant connect to a onion site.
    I’m a retard.

  45. To everybody who has tor but can’t connect to any websites, check your clock. If your computers clock if off a little tor won’t make a connection it could be as simple as that.

  46. Hello, im looking for medicines Bioparox, it is forbidden, when you know, where i get it, please reply

  47. I am very happy to here. There are many expert, Wise and talent people there.
    From them i need some Deep/Derk web address for learning programming, Hacking, Learning, Technology and most useful .onion.market/.bitnet/freenet extension address. It will be very helpful for me

  48. For those who are seeking a cure to cancer and have a Cancer Free string going here. Cancer free is possible. My mom had thyroid cancer and was completely cured in 6 months by a 6th gen. Eastern Medicine dr. by the name of Dr.Rong(Tara) Chen. This was the 3rd case that I personally witnessed and there have been several others that she has claimed.

  49. A cancer curing thread. Now I’ve seen it all. Somehow people online have more Cancer information than the world’s top cancer researchers. They spent too much time in universities and not comment boards.stfu

  50. Anti-Hydrogenation

    ABOUT life expectancy comment that THEY live to be 90… SO DO AMERICIAN’S. Average duration of life is simply that an AVERAGE… in the last century one FACTOR in the numbers making up that average have greatly shifted the entire AVERAGE… but not the possible duration of life. The factor causing this shift? THE SMALL NUMBERS not the large ones! INFANT DEATH has been reduced so much, that it indicates our live expectancy has increased… A fact most attribute to our modern conveniences. Which is brainwashing intended to keep everyone CONSUMING conveniences. How long have we had Electricity, Refrigeration, even indoor plumbing? Then compare that with them number of deaths over time, for people 70, 80, 90 even 100 years old.

    The one thing they DID NOT HAVE that was introduced into our society in the late 1800’s is HYDROGENATED VEGETATION. I am speaking of CRISCO. That was the first product made from GARBAGE! Proctor and Gamble disposed of TONS of waste material every year… because it is so toxic it could not even be fed to livestock. Soon they found a way to process (cotton seed) into animal food… only because it’s appearance was so horrid. Then a process soon to be called Hydrogenation… produce a clean white paste substance that THEY marketed as better for you than LARD. I ask you to do your own home work on rendered animal fat. Most just follow the herd when they say Eggs are bad, Milk is bad, sugar is bad, LARD is bad. The death rates and all generation has not changed MUCH expect for the infant, over the past 200 years… BUT on the other hand, we are dealing with a myriad of disease (mental and physical) only discovered and or plaguing peoples with Hydrogenated oils in their diet. But do not take my word for it… LOOK AT THE LABEL… look up those strange words on the label, many of them are not scientific they are MARKETING and PR firms, making things obfuscated and more pleasant sounding than the truth.

  51. i want some website to browse for selling …

  52. can any one give me URL for onion

  53. How do I look up onion sites by key words? E.g Porn XD

  54. This thread is a complete waste of time and has no viable information whatsoever!

  55. I am looking for child porn websites to get predators arrested please give me some.

  56. I meant to say: Hello,Harry.Welcome to Onionland!It’s a word play on Alice In Wonderland.Best of luck with Tor browsing the Darknet,Harry.Have you seen Ron & Hermione lately?Tell them I said Hi!

  57. If you want to avoid cancer avoid chemicals. All chemicals. That includes your household chems and personal care products. In US personal care products are not at all regulated, lead in lipstick, estrogen mimickers, etc. Your diet should be 85%+ veg and organic. All meat and dairy should be organic. Avoid GMO/GE foods, chemically altered (hydrogenated oils, etc.) Avoid all artificial flavors/colors, in US so many are allowed. Get a really good water filter. Use probiotics, make sure they are guaranteed for time of use not time of manufacture. Can’t say much about when one has cancer. Probably do all those things and get the radiation.

  58. I have a lot of medical problems, and healthcare where i live is bull shit. I don’t have $300 to give a little boy younger than me to tell me shit I already know, then another $300 for an MRI and that’s just the co-pay with my insurance. Also, the last doctor I had tried to tell me that the scars all over my arms were for attention. It’s very unprofessional. Not to mention he was just an ass hole about it. I used to cut and it was definitely not for attention… I went across the road, down the street and zig zagged back… Not really the point, sorry. I just hate doctors…
    With my healthcare plan I get sent to places that are kinda scary. I went to get a nerve test done and the “doctor” grabbed this needle thing that had buttons and shit on it out of a drawer, stabbed me all over with it, then put it back in the drawer. He gave me a paper towel for the blood, and then I noticed how many paper towels were in the trashcan (it was overflowing) and that he didn’t clean the needle before or after using it… FUCK THAT! I had to go get tested for diseases after that, thank god I was clean.
    No one should have to go through that. You shouldn’t have to wonder if a doctor is going to give you aids or hepatitis.

    But basically I need to obtain medications and not be traced.
    I have a bad pinched nerve because 12 years ago I fell out of a tree and broke my shoulder but couldn’t afford a doctor and I was living in bum fuck Egypt with no car and no one to drive me to the doctor. Then I tried doing push ups after a week. I was young and thought I’d make myself stronger…. Obviously I know better now. it’s gotten really bad and I’ve been losing mobility increasingly. I have lupus… A bulging disk in my neck and lower back… Kidney problems… Crooked shoulders… Rotated hips… Bad joints… Needless to say I’m in agony every day and it’s depressing. I can’t even dance anymore. It’s hard for me to even sit up, let alone try to type.
    I want to be able to live my life again… And not go to jail.
    It’s fucked up how we’re farmed to make a few people rich, but we can’t get help when we need it.
    If someone can help me, I would be ever so grateful.
    I’m out of options… And I can’t just lay in my bed and rot away for however much time I have left.

    My dad throws it in my face how I was supposed to change the world, but instead I’m just wasting away. It gets to me. I know that I could have done something great with my life… But I’m immobile, and basically a waste of space. All I can do is think about how much pain I’m in, and how life is meaningless… so why do I have to suffer so much?
    I’m sorry for rambling again…
    Any help would be awesome.
    Thank you.

  59. How can us IT admins block this?

    Currently at disposal – OpenDNS, Kaspersky kids, Qustodio

    current method, block the app with app copntrol (any tor browsers/dialers) other than that?

  60. It’s plainly apparent..,thus is where the ignorant…the unfortunate,the inconsiderate..the ill informed..speak in silence..,from solitary mundane domain…remember “idle hands”.,and something’s,are better left unsaid!

  61. I have got tor but my orfox browser is not responding

  62. woooooo looking crazy like a nut
    tor is amazing everything anonymously happens

  63. So, back to the main point of this thread, why, having Tor and a vpn, can’t I open Onion links?

  64. hi iam new, how can i access to .onion.market sites and dark web

  65. rick simpson method the best method to deal with cancer patients i can cure that with no time using purple kush

  66. I know absolutely nothing about computers yet I managed to download programmes needed to access The Deep / Dark Web, some people on here are either very lazy and don’t want to learn for themselves or their just thick.

  67. Why are we talking about cures for cancer when this is an article about.onion.market sites?
    Can someone please explain this to me?

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