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Jamaican Dark Net Heroin Vendor Sentenced To Federal Prison In The US

A Jamaican citizen, who was living in the United States, was sentenced to prison for drug trafficking on the darknet. Chrissano Leslie, a 26-year-old from Miramar, Florida, was standing trial at a federal court for charges of drug-dealing, money-laundering conspiracy, and aggravated identity theft. After law enforcement authorities arrested the man at his home, he pleaded guilty to the four ... Read More »

Mystery Device on Dark Web Allows Criminals to Steal Cars

The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) has warned drivers against a mystery device currently being circulated around the dark web. According to Roger Morris from NICB, a device that is currently being sold on darknet marketplaces enables hackers and criminals to steal cars by relaying a smart key’s signal to a secondary device. Essentially, with two data relaying devices, criminals ... Read More »

Florianópolis woman rescued from kidnap with request to redeem virtual currency deic / Divulgação

Victim Rescued In Brazil’s First Bitcoin Ransom Kidnapping Plot

Recently, law enforcement authorities successfully rescued a kidnapped woman in São Paulo, Brazil. The criminals who kidnapped the woman demanded bitcoins and another form of cryptocurrency from the victim’s husband. A 32-year-old woman was rescued from the hands of criminals by the Civil Police in São Paulo, Brazil at the end of April. The victim, who is married to a ... Read More »

ISIS Cyber Criminal Sentenced 8 Years in UK For Spreading Propaganda on Dark Web

Samata Ullah, a resident of Cardiff, the capital of Wales, was arrested in early 2016 for the possession and distribution of ISIS propaganda material. Local police discovered various hidden storage of ISIS propaganda material in devices including his USB sticks disguised as cufflinks. During a raid of his home located in Cardiff, local police found an additional eight terabytes of ... Read More »

Playpen Creator & Lead Administrator Found Guilty, 30 Years in US Prison

On May 1, Steven Chase, a 58-year-old creator and lead administrator of Playpen, was officially sentenced to 30 years in prison by US District Judge Richard Voorhees of the Western District of North Carolina. Chase was also required to forfeit his residence in Naples and accept a lifetime term of supervised release. Playpen is a sophisticated dark web marketplace and ... Read More »

Australia Considers Forcing ISPs to Block Digital Threats

The Minister Assisting the Prime Minister on Cybersecurity, Dan Tehan, recently vocalized an opinion that made waves. From one perspective—that of the lawmakers behind some recent darknet legislation—his firmly rooted opinion fit in. From a perspective shared by numerous journalists, though, the firmly rooted opinion was nothing short of ridiculous. Not simply other internet voices either, but Naked Security’s Bill ... Read More »

15.5.17 Dark Web and Cybercrime Roundup

Ransomware Hackers Launch Global Assault An unknown actor exploited a known security vulnerability (thanks to the Shadow Brokers) in unpatched versions of Windows. Using the exploit, an entity spread ransomware called WannaCry at a rate Europol called “unprecedented.” The ransomware practically shut down hospitals across the world, even though healthcare was not specifically targeted. WannaCry (“Wana”) and variants (without the ... Read More »

BKA Analyzed an Entire Forum in Darknet Investigation

In very early 2017, law enforcement throughout Germany conducted raids and arrested seven men for suspected darknet narcotics distribution. Two lived in Duisburg. The others lived or worked in Hameln, Goslar, Vreden, Saarbrücken, and Eslohe. According to investigators, the crew so sold on the darknet between 2012-2016 – until their arrests. In April, the group got sentenced. The entire discovery, ... Read More »

Newly Stolen Medical Records Auctioned on Darknet Site

Relatively speaking, Lithuania amassed their fair share of data breaches within the past five years. In many cases, the hacks occurred both inside and outside the medical sector—the medical breaches, though carried less of a foreign impact than the others. However, a Lithuanian plastic surgery clinic recently landed in the spotlight for a data breach that showcased patient pictures on ... Read More »

NSA Claims To Curtail Upstream Surveillance

On Friday April 28th, the NSA released a statement in which the agency declared that they would be ending certain “upstream” surveillance gathering under the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) Section 702. Upstream is a collection of four programs, which include FAIRVIEW, BLARNEY, STORMBREW, and OAKSTAR. Each company collects telephone and internet data directly from the internet backbone. The Upstream ... Read More »

Police Studied IDC Financial Crime for Years

On April 28, Italian news outlets published a breaking story that spread rapidly. Authorities in Lecco, Italy, announced a pivotal moment in an undercover operation into an entire dark web forum. The forum, Italian Darknet Community (IDC), functioned as both a forum and marketplace—and given that it appeared on many darknet marketplace lists, many knew IDC as only a darknet ... Read More »

Previously Convicted Bitcoin Trader Arrested For The Possession Of Ammunition In The US

US law enforcement authorities arrested a man for illegally possessing ammunition in Mesa, Arizona. Thomas Mario Costanzo, a.k.a. “Morpheus Titania”, was arrested on April 20 during a multi-agency federal task force raid on his apartment in Mesa, Arizona, the United States, for possessing ammunition illegally. Possessing ammunition is legal in the state of Arizona, however, since the suspect was previously ... Read More »

Officials to “Keep Up“ With Synthetic Identity Fraud

According to reports from the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of Georgia, cases involving “synthetic identities” are among the fastest growing forms of identity fraud in the United States. U. S. Attorney John Horn announced that the Attorney’s Office will keep up, or at least remain current, with the fraud. While reports of synthetic identity use date back ... Read More »