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French Gendarmerie to Use Darknet Search Engine

Imagine the internet without Google? The darknet thrives on being private and anonymous. Over the last decade several search engines have been developed to collect data on the deepweb but they have been majorly unstable and incomplete. They are unable to exhaustively collect data from hidden parts of the internet and reference them.

The French Gendarmerie, a military component with jurisdictions in civil law enforcements, has entered into an agreement with Aleph-Networks to acquire a state of the art search engine developed by the network. The cutting edge technology developed in 2012 has been tested and proven to be able to collect data on the darknet in ways not possible before. The technology will probably be used in one of the services by the judicial center of the National Gendarmerie (PJGN) in Cergy – Pontoise. However, Aleph-Networks did not reveal the recipients of the 10 licenses to provide the technology, as well as, maintaining it in its operational state when reached for comment by local reporters.

The network developed one of the most advanced search engines called ‘Graymatter’. It is a darknet data search technology capable of ultra-massive data collection in a discrete and non-intrusive way. It is data agnostic and conducts surveys in in-depth analysis in the deepest and hidden corners of the web where lies the heart of cyber-crime. It combines external intelligence service and private service providers to support teams in monitoring the deep web.

Its super developed technology can be customized to meet several needs in providing solutions for fast collection of qualitative research with a business oriented analysis. The business approach combines big data and intelligence algorithms related to information theory to pull the most useful information. It then structures the collected info, compiling their origination as either indexed or non-indexed.

For a year now, Graymatter indexes sites on the darkweb. During its testing from October 2017 to January 2018, in only 4 months, it was able to index 7,519 new Tor sites. Today, it has indexed over two million sites on the dark web.

There are dozens of reasons why such data is necessary to record and reference in a library of indices. For law enforcement agents it is almost obvious. The deep web has posed a great deal of challenges to authorities seeking to combat crime. Several joint crackdowns involving joint cooperation have been formed to apprehend criminals whose illegal activities originate from the darknet. As such, Graymatter technology could be groundbreaking, opening new frontiers in combating deep web cybercrimes. According to research, clearnet data makes up for only 5% of data in the entire internet. The darknet makes up for the remaining 95%, making it susceptible for abuse through crime. Activities on the darknet are powerful and real, making monitoring even more important.

Graymatter enables authorities monitor data leaks, intercepting them before they land into bad hands. They can also detect pirated data transfers, identity threats and recover clues for theft, identify potential hackers and platforms for exchange or the sale of stolen data. The system is invisible and anonymous. Its activities cannot be traced and its data is stored in decentralized data networks. Digital networks are also protected allowing them to safely ensure collaboration.

Graymatter technology is a French owned technology developed after and in a similar manner to that of Darpa’s Memex project. The Memex project is a search engine providing darknet search engine services exclusively to the U.S. military. The acquisition of Graymatter services by Gendarmerie, puts it on the path of sophistication. It is expected to expedite research, providing real-time monitoring to improve efficiency in nabbing criminals on the darknet.

The technology, still in its infancy is already award winning. In 2015, it was selected by the SIA LAB to be presented to the French army. It was also selected by the INPI to represent French innovation at the #FRENCH TOUCH CONFERENCE in the same year held in New York. The company developing Graymatter, Aleph-Networks is growing. It believes it will be able to double it by the end of this financial year. It has given its services to ministries of defense, finance and interior. It also sells the technology to private and commercial companies at affordable rates.

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