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Hydra launches narcologist bot on Telegram

Drug overdose has made victor thousands of people throughout the world each year. Many times, these unfortunate deaths could be avoided if there were people able to give first help or completely eliminate the effects of an overdose.

Russian darknet market Hydra encourages users to do drugs deliberately and take into account all possible risks. For this purpose the marketplace team launched a Telegram bot, which is designed to help people prevent overdose and get information on what is to be done in case of emergency situations.

How to use the bot?

In order to use the narcologist bot you must download and install Telegram messenger. Federal Service for Supervision of Communications, Information Technology and Mass Media makes attempts to block access to the messenger for Russian users, therefore you should use VPN services or setup proxy server connection to overcome blocking. When Telegram is installed and well-running, type in the “search” field the bot’s name “narco_help_bot”. Then push “start” option or simply type the command /start.

After it, you get a welcome message from the project’s founders and can browse through three sections of the bot’s menu:

The first section is for emergency situations, it has the following menu:

“First aid” contains information on possible types of medical assistance in case of overdoses. Here you should choose the substance, which led to overdose (for example MDMA, A-PVP, amphetamine). When selecting the appropriate item, a user is provided with brief and clear instructions for first aid, which include possible risks, symptoms of overdose and manual for actions to be taken. Let us consider an example of MDMA overdose. Narcologist bot advises to do the following:

• In case of hard throwing up clear oral cavity of vomit to prevent suffocation.

• If a person is conscious, it is necessary to induce vomiting. For this, you have to sit and drink about 2-3 liters of water.

• In case of hypertension, add two tablespoons of salt into a liter of water, stir and drink it in small sips.

• If a person has fever, put some ice to the temples or carotid arteries or wrap a wet T-shirt around the neck and nape.

• MDMA overdose leads to severe dehydration, that is why you need to restore body’s fluid balance. Give a person a lot of salt water and make intravenous injections of saline solutions.

• Since there is no antidote, it is not recommended to take other medicines, but you can reduce risks of overdose by having double dose of vitamins C, A and E.

• Do not let a person to lose consciousness until an ambulance arrives.

The second option is the direct link to the project’s narcologist. You can contact him in two ways: either by clicking on “Narcologist online” or by writing to @Operatorhelpbot.

Hydra admin asks to address narcologist only in case of emergency situation, when you or someone nearby is in real danger. Everyone has to understand that this service is not a kind of chat and the time the doctor spends on unrelated talks may cost someone’s life. All the questions not requiring urgent resolve, are answered by doctors on the forum’s thread.

In the second section “Medical emergency”, you can find addresses and phone numbers of medical institutions. The bot recommends calling an ambulance immediately if symptoms of acute intoxication are present. Follow the steps described in “First aid” and wait for medical crew.

Firstly, select a town:

Then pick the closest narcology center:

Another section, called “Psychoactive substances info”, provides information on ways of taking drugs, dose limits and symptoms of overdose.

Choose a category (stimulants, psychedelics, opioids, etc.):

And then one of the drugs:

The bot’s creators claim that it does not store users’ personal information and history of actions. Their aim is to help drug users anonymously and for free.

Narcological service forum

While narcologist bot provides basic information, which every drug user should be aware of, Narcological service forum gives detailed data and professional narcologists’ advices. On the forum’s thread, you can learn about safe combinations of substances, harm reduction, recommendations on ways of drug use and many other useful things.

Each forum’s section gives answers to frequently asked questions and if you fail to find needful topic, you are welcome to apply directly to narcologists for consultation.


  1. I don’t really care if anyone thinks I’m cynical, but I disagree with the whole “prevention” theme. If someone decides to take drugs, they have quite a specific reason for doing so. If they overdose, they are just following their destiny. Call it suicide if you like, but if someone is deeply unhappy with their lives, why should they be prevented from finding their own solution?

    • DMT ELFS

      I sort of agree with you. However, not all drugs are done by people who are living a really shitty life – probably more the opposite with things like psychs.

  2. And you should take into consideration problems connected with the mixed drugs -when you think it’s heroine for example, but it turns out to be phentanyl.

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