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Connecticut Man Sentenced for Selling Meth on the Darknet

The United States Attorney for the District of Connecticut announced that 26-year-old Cavan Devine of Fairfield County received a 36 month prison sentence for buying and selling methamphetamine and Xanax on the darknet. Police arrested in 2016 when an outpatient rehab clinic called the police to report Devine’s “disorderly conduct.”

Authorities forcibly took Devine to a hospital in Bridgeport for psychiatric evaluation. Not long after the ordeal, the rehab called again. Devine had returned and started a heated argument with the rehab’s manager. According to the police, Devine had entered the rehab after a prior arrest for methamphetamine possession. When they arrived at the rehab, they found Devine’s girlfriend in Devine’s room gathering the man’s belongings. The police report said that the girlfriend had been crying about her boyfriend’s drug use and that she had not wanted to bring him a suitcase filled with drugs.

Officers searched the luggage mentioned by Devine’s girlfriend and discovered almost 30 ounces of methamphetamine and almost 600 Xanax pills. Law enforcement then conducted a search at a hotel not far from the drug clinic. Devine had rented a room at the hotel. In the room, the police found additional methamphetamine, marijuana, a laptop, and other evidence linking Devine to drug distribution. This included items used to “process” methamphetamine, packaging, and mail.

They charged him with illegal possession of narcotics, possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, operating a drug factory, illegal possession of narcotics, possession of marijuana with intent to sell, failure to keep prescription drugs in their original container and disorderly conduct. Superior Court Judge Maureen Dennis held Devine on a $250,000 bond while the investigation continued. The investigation involved police from Easton and Bridgeport, officers from the DEA, and the United States Postal Service.

During the investigation, the authorities discovered that Devine had been using his laptop to access the darknet. He had been buying methamphetamine and Xanax from vendors on darknet markets and then reselling the drugs to customers on other darknet markets. Investigators also found more than 1,000 images depicting child abuse on his computer that had originated from sources on the darknet. The investigation lasted nearly one year and on October 2, 2017, Devine pleaded guilty to methamphetamine and Xanax possession and distribution, and to possession of child pornography.

Mark Sherman, Devine’s lawyer, told the press that the case was “a sensitive and serious health matter that we hope to work through with the assistance of the court and its intervention services.”

In March 2017, a Connecticut judge sentenced Devine to 36 months in prison followed by another 36 months of supervised release. Devine’s vendor identity was never revealed to the public.


  1. 36 months for 30 ounces?

  2. 36 months is fine by me. We all know that time goes by fast. He isn’t going to quit paying for drugs. He will be out of prison and back to funding the drug cartels while he and his family poison themselves.

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