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China Raids Fentanyl Factories with Void Update on Two Darknet Wanted Drug Lords

The recent rise of fentanyl sales on Darknet marketplaces has been attributed to many factors. The one underlying reason for such an explosion having a spillover effect on the streets of the United States of America is the hidden set up of factories in China.

There have been reports that fentanyl is manufactured in large quantities in an underground factory in China. The truth remains that most of these fentanyl production factories are inland that secretly ship their dangerous handiwork to the United States of America and beyond. For this reason, the Chinese authorities have raided most of these factories leaving the remaining ones in fear.

China is one of the world’s largest distributors of fentanyl. Drugs are normally shipped to Mexico where they are packaged into different containers. This is done to deceive authorities and make their way through the US borders.

The United States of America has in the last few years intercepted large quantities of fentanyl being trafficked from China. Despite the high interception of fentanyl, the USA still stands as one of the leading countries with high fentanyl consumption and overdose death.

Following the urgent call on China to take actions on the fentanyl manufacturing in the country, the Chinese authorities have conducted raids on these laboratories from which many people were arrested.

In a press conference held on Thursday, The director of precursor chemical control of China’s National Narcotics Control Commission, Yu Haibin, confirmed that authorities have recently embarked on raids which led to the arrest of nine.

This has sparkled speculations whether the announced wanted drug lords in the United States of America, were Xiaobing Yan and Jian Zhang as part of the detainees. However, the statement released at the press conference was void of this issue.

Previously, Haibin revealed that they are not mandated by law to arrest the two drug lords wanted by the US authorities. According to him, the US has not handed any evidence of their crime to the Chinese authorities. “China does not have solid evidence to show that they have violated Chinese law,” he said. “Our American counterparts haven’t provided such evidence either. Therefore, we have not reached a point to indict or arrest these two suspects,” he added. In the light of this, it is likely that the authorities do not have the two suspects in their custody.

The two Chinese drug lords were indicted in the course of the year for distributing fentanyl to customers in the USA after an order was placed on one of the Darknet marketplaces. A report linked the death of a teenager in the US to the overdose of this fentanyl shipped to the country. The US authorities, therefore, declared them wanted with an expectation that the Chinese authorities would do them this favor.

The Drug Enforcement Agency spokesman, Rusty Payne has called for justice to be done, being in the position of enforcing the arrest of drug distributors across the world. The two drug Lords were responsible for shipping drugs to over 100 customers.

The extent to which fentanyl overdose affects the country is very serious, having a proportionate affect on the mortality rate. The US recorded an overdose death of 19,000 of the 66,000 drug-related fatalities. In a way to reduce or eradicate the influx of such drugs into the country, the US has called on China to play their part of stopping drugs that are easily trafficked across their borders. Mass shipments of fentanyl from China is also sent to Canada.

China has responded to the call by destroying several underground laboratories that manufacture the product. The country has also arrested many drug traffickers and seized large quantities of fentanyl.

Haibin previously blamed the rise of fentanyl overdose death in the US on the frequent prescription of painkillers and the regulations of these drugs.

In the Guangdong province, the Chinese authorities also raided drug factories in November and December, arresting 19 people. 20 kilograms of drugs were seized, and 150 kilograms of raw materials used to manufacture these drugs were also confiscated. This occurred in the cities of Hubei, Jiangsu, Shanghai, and Zhejiang.

China has become committed to eradicating all the fentanyl labs in the country being open to information sharing with countries of common interests. Authorities have decided not to rest on this move as more underground factories have been targeted for future raids.

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