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Thailand Police seizes Assets of Late Alleged Mastermind behind AlphaBay

Thailand Police officials have seized almost $21 million worth of assets ranging from cryptocurrency to fleet of cars. These assets belonged to the alleged late founder of the dark web marketplace AlphaBay, one of the two largest markets which were taken by the FBI this month.

He died by committing suicide on July 24th in his jail cell at the Narcotics Suppression Bureau in Bangkok where he was waiting to be extradited to the U.S.

25-year-old Canadian citizen Alexandre Cazes, a computer wizard who according to reports had an IQ of 142 was arrested by police in Thailand at the request of the United States where he was wanted on about 16 charges including conspiracy, racketeering, identity theft, money laundering and other crimes.

General Chalermkiat Sriworakhan, the Deputy National Police Commissioner stated that Alexandre Cazes and his network might have amassed millions of dollars through their illegal activities.

“We have seized over 700 million baht (equivalent to $21 million) worth of assets, cars, and cryptocurrency,” Chalermkiat told Reuters. As to whether he was provided with a lawyer or if the police had offered him one is still unknown, as that has been the case in Thailand for some time.

The Chief Police of the Narcotics Suppression Bureau Lt Sommai Kongwisaisuk also said that everything was under control and in no way will Casez’ death affect the ongoing investigation.

AlphaBay was considered the biggest online darknet marketplace for drugs. Hundreds of thousands of dollars were estimated to be generated through daily transactions.

Cazes, who was alleged to be “Alpha02” by many in the online business operated primarily from Thailand where he owned many properties and also married his wife Sunisa Casez, who is also in custody facing money laundering charges.

While he was married, he still viewed himself as the Casanova or player type occasionally bragging about how he cheated on his wife.

“I have a secondary residence that no one knows about – and that’s where I bring girls” he once wrote on the Roosh V forum of which he was registered with the username “Rawmeo.”

He was vibrant on the internet and some of the posts he made years back were retrieved where he branded himself as a “professional cheater”. He also believed women living in the West were “poisoned by feminism and also described Muslims who migrated to Canada as “breeding like bedbugs.”

Reports suggest he was very active on the Roosh V forum and posted many times on the forum which sometimes caused a stir among the members.

Some of the forum users at one point wouldn’t believe Rawmeo’s claim that he drove a Porsche and challenged him to explain how he became so rich so quickly and in an attempt to prove his Porsche ownership, sent a video of himself driving the Porsche. He later posted on the forum saying “We all have a business; we all have our own ways to get some money.”

His most discussed forum contribution came last year when he wrote a 7,500-word post talking about dating and “wife-hunting” in Thailand.

He went ahead to write that he moved from Quebec to Thailand to search for a wife saying he left a broken society to live in a traditional one.” He arrived in Thailand in 2010, learned to speak Thai by attending a language school, opened bank accounts and purchased many luxurious houses, and drove a Porsche Panamera because “Thai girls love supercars.” He established AlphaBay in 2014 which grew to be the largest darknet marketplace which had over 200,000 members at the time it was taken down.

Cazes’ arrest came as the aftermath of a police operation called Bayonet, which involved authorities in six countries including the FBI, the Dutch National Police, Canadian Police, Lithuanian Police and the Royal Thai Police.

U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions stated last week that, AlphaBay was “the largest darknet marketplace in history” when he announced its shutdown by the U.S. Justice Department.

His parents, however, seemed to be totally ignorant of his alleged illegal dealings, attitude, and lifestyle. His stepmother labeled him a “good boy” in an interview with his father also describing him to a Montreal newspaper as “an extraordinary young man” and “a little genius” with no criminal record.

His parents went ahead to question the charges against him and his reported suicide in jail. “Let’s see if we can really kill ourselves with a towel attached to a door handle,” his stepmother wrote on Facebook in French. “Try it and see . . . it’s impossible.”


  1. he thought he was safe in Thailand…..
    but…Thailand is America’s bitch…
    he should’v moved to Laos or Vietnam

    • Vietnam is a police state where fun is against the law. Laos is still a frontier. I went to an opium den there that was more like a lounge. People watched cartoons like Family Guy etc. The owner lied to me and gave me speed instead of opium. Claiming it was morphine. Anyway, Cambodia would have been a better choice for this highroller. I agree that Thailand is mostly hype these days. But the guy was right about Western women poisoned by feminism. The West is a slag heap when it comes to male sexuality. Asia is a tiger.


    You know what, a 25 year old man is dead, and the only thing these so called LE can say is he was a cheater? How about stoping your bullshit projection of trying to justify(making it right that he killed himself). The individual was 25 years old, and everyone that reads this article understand, Law enforcement around the world love to project someone bad. They will tell you a priest thats 100% authentic with 100% proof from everyone he knows are POS. Dont believe this bullshit, “he was a cheater” you know how many pigs(COPS) cheat on their wives every day? How many have them beat their wives everything? look it up 50,000+ each year beat their wives, and cheat on their wifes


      Law enforcment is the biggest domestic terrorists in the world, and they lie, they WILL NEVER tell you they are wrong when they truly are. They will also justify and make it look like everything they do is right when infact its 100% WRONG. they will tell you killing your 10 year old daughter was acceptable because she looked at a police officer wrong


    His parents were absolutely not “Igonorant”. law enforcement couldnt tell you anything about this punk other then he ran a market place. Ask them once, do you remember when he was a 6 year old and said “I love this food, or I love school mom” no they wont, LE is so full of fucking shit its disgusting. When are we gonna end these domestic terrorists?

  4. “He died by committing suicide on July 24th” my ass… A dude with an IQ of 142 doesn’t kill himself, he was murdered by the Thai Royal Police under control of the FBI.

    If there were 21M$ in Thailand, imagine the amount that the FBI kept or themselves from all the cryptos in the escrow ? minimum 2 billion $.

    The sole purpose of shutting down a market is to steal the cryptos, those are murderers.


      2 billions ? i laugh at you.

      200 000 users on AB, right ?

      Do you really think AB’s users had an average of 10 000 dollars in escrow ?

      we’re talking millions here, not billions.

  5. Rip boss of dnm’s. I doubt there will be another market like it ever again — maybe years down the road

  6. This is my 3rd post. I’ve written on every article I’ve seen about Al and again it should be known.. This is all complete bullshit. He was a good guy, and his parents are correct. If I had anyway to help them with this I would get it out to millions then maybe we could make a difference. :/ How difficult would it be to advertise specific articles on a google ads spot?? Good Idea?
    The U.S. authorities indeed stole all that crypto currency. Track it back through the block chain. Anyone who didn’t wash their coins can be tracked right? And when it’s turned from bitcoin to ultimately pay the debt the U.S. has accumulated it should show up some how some way right?


    Thank you for that post, your right. So maybe should be looking for a spike in the millions or several short spikes in the block-chain. Sounds a bit more practical now for a few hire ups to have just jacked the cash. Who’s next to retire from the FBI??

  8. So the thai cops, who are well known for corruption even among cops, murdered him to steal his possessions.

  9. Lived in Thailand 12 years, I also think they killed him.
    These people are monkeys without a tale! Probably they just keep everything for themselves, that is all Thailand is about. The land of lies, cheat and fake smile!!!!!!!

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