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34 Teenagers Arrested For DDoS Attacks, Europol Wants to Send a Message

34 teenagers, mainly under the age of 20, were arrested by the European Union’s law enforcement agency Europol on December 12 for deploying DDoS-for-hire attacks on various websites. Europol Head of European Cybercrime Center (EC3) Steve Wilson stated a strong case will be made against young adults attempting to pursue a criminal path with technologies.

Wilson, who led the successful Europol investigation and crackdown on the large-scale DDoS-for-hire network established by teenagers, said in a press release that most young adults in this generation of technological innovation fails to recognize the consequences of criminal activities involving technologies.

Particularly, Wilson noted that law enforcement agencies across the globe must help young adults understand the losses and discomfort businesses and organizations are forced to deal with when they are targeted by large scale DDoS-for-hire attacks. While some medium-sized websites could easily pass through minutes or hours of downtime, attacks on enterprise-level platforms like bank applications or financial websites could cost hundreds of thousands of dollars in server and maintenance fees.

“Today’s generation is closer to technology than ever before, with the potential of exacerbating the threat of cybercrime. Many IT enthusiasts get involved in seemingly low-level fringe cybercrime activities from a young age, unaware of the consequences that such crimes carry. One of the key priorities of law enforcement should be to engage with these young people to prevent them from pursuing a criminal path, helping them understand how they can use their skills for a more constructive purpose.,” said Wilson.

During the investigation, 101 suspects were named and 34 of the suspects were arrested and charged. Europol’s EC3 announced that some suspects are already fined and detained by the local authorities in Australia, Belgium, France, Hungary, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden, the United Kingdom.

All of the abovementioned countries contributed to the investigation of Interpol, searching for potential suspects and identifying aliases to interview members of the hacking group established by teenagers.

However, neither Interpol or any of the countries that participated in the investigation revealed further details in the DDoS attacks and how the attacks affected the websites and platforms targeted by the hacking group.

Cybergroup, a top cybersecurity media company based in Washington, hinted that Europe’s law enforcement agencies could look into forums like HackForums.net in the near future, where teenagers or young adults are most likely to engage in their first attempt to hack or launch cyberattacks for compensation.

Although it is difficult to target these open online forums as most of them help young individuals pave successful career paths within the computer and internet industries, an important follow up action the Europol could take to educate teenagers is to take initiative in helping young adults with resources instead of delivering a message to “wannabe hackers” through fear of arrest.


  1. ‘Guilty until proven innocent’ seems to be the model of European “justice” these days. How many of these so-called teenage hackers were led to install Bots on their computers, which will then controlled by the real criminals??

    Let’s face it, the smart criminals do not get caught, and if they do, they simply deny everything; the dumb-asses, on the other hand, either get tricked by the smart guys or are simple-minded fools who do not understand the games that they are playing. Many are setup without even knowing it and then are coerced by the police into “confessing” to almost any crime!

  2. Just read your article and I would sincerely happy if you can share your source because in europol website I didn’t find any reticle about this Ddos attack and teeanager that have been arrested

  3. Would you guess it? Its Anonymous of course....

    Zeus boy, it is in the article at the “said Wilson” part.

    But here it is for you:


    So it really happened, sadly…

  4. hii sir,
    i am here and i was just searching about your tools like ddos but when i reached this page then it realize that how is it so dangerous and obeouslly we never care about the rules of using the tools whenever we get just start using without caring about the protection and teenagers are trapped so i think there must be a solution so i think that should be in sin liberery make the pdf with complete information and protection point which is enough for security and at the last there should be a game trick to find the domain of tool if the person who want to get will not read and understand the whole pdf with every important point for security he will not get the domain trick and that will be perfect for teenagers and person who want to learn those things……
    sir only you can do that and there is no one who can think about the teenagers and person want to be hackers…….
    i am Indian and i want to be a hacker just a student…..
    thank you……

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