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Another Auction By The US Marshals: $1.6 Million In Bitcoins Sold

The US Marshals Service has again auctioned bitcoins seized from cybercriminals. This time, $1.6 million worth of BTC were sold to one successful bidder on Monday.

CoinDesk, a website reporting on virtual currencies, confirmed with the Marshals, that four total bids were made at this auction.

The US Marshals acquired the bitcoins from several cases involving the Silk Road case, including the cases involving Ross Ulbricht.

The Marshals are selling the seized BTC in a series of auctions. The last auction was held on November 15 when 11 bidders bought 44,000 bitcoins worth $14.6 million. From this auction, only 2.8 came from Silk Road. Most of the cryptocurrency in the auction was seized from a Silk Road drug vendor, Matthew Gillum, who is currently serving a nine-year prison sentence.

Additionally, 664 BTC came from Sean Roberson, a vendor arrested for selling counterfeit credit and debit cards online. Another 65 bitcoins came from Carl Force, a former corrupt Drug Enforcement Administration agent who was arrested for stealing bitcoins during the Silk Road investigation. Both men were sentenced to 78 months in prison.


  1. If the US gov doesn’t accept BTC as money, the state departments should not sell anything. but when they smell dollars, they like BTC.
    they are dirty, look at this, they have a mind like criminals: “You will not have the opportunity to view other bids. You will not have the opportunity to change your bid once submitted.”

    • you are absolutely right – awww it sickens me to the bone – those are motherfucking bastards and shell all burn in hell! not because they are just trying to push the law – now exactly for acting like that – like USA in general: “we above all and everything.” I hate acting like that – in our country we use to say “who says A has to say B as well”, so they shall at least act on one line and constant!!!! >:-(

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