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Washington Xanax And MDMA Vendor Pair Busted

Boden Gregory Bridge (20) and Tristan Simpson Brennand (21), has been accused of using the dark web to traffic MDMA and Xanax to customers in the United States. Both men from Washington are currently facing federal charges and are alleged to have started selling drugs as teens.

In January 2014, a federal informant told the law enforcement authorities that Brennand had been selling and shipping drugs to customers from dark net markets. According to official court documents, Brennand sold illegal substances on Agora and Evolution.

A sworn statement by a US postal inspector agent states that the informant reported him that Brennand bought pounds of ecstasy from a vendor source in Germany. The informant also claimed that Brennand was receiving thousands of Xanax bars from India, as well as marijuana and hash oil from wholesalers in the United States.

According to the postal inspector’s statement, Brennand served as a middleman who mailed the drugs to customers who bought them through Agora and Evolution. Brennand is alleged to have packaged and sent shipments using fake address information.

In February, feds seized several packages that had been shipped by Brennand. An indictment followed 10 months later, which resulted in the man’s arrest on December 4. The other indicted was Boden Gregory Bridge, who is alleged to have cooperated with Brennand in their operation.

Bridge and Brennand have each been charged with the conspiration to deal drugs and other related offenses. Bridge is alleged to have distributed MDMA from Kent and Renton; he is also accused of possessing an illegal .45 cal. pistol as part of a drug trafficking crime.

Bridge and Brennand have pleaded not guilty to the charges against them. Both men were initially released on bond, though Brennand has since been jailed again. Official court documentation says that the man has been caught using marijuana and heroin.


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  2. “has been accused of using the dark web”
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